Our community includes a number of Christian churches and denominations, as well as increased public programs that sometimes compete with each other for attention.  However, our Preschool program is the only local program that addresses special needs children.  We are blessed to have staff that enables us to do this. We feel called by our Lord to increase services to the special needs population as well as the hours we can staff. We began a Lenten luncheon program that now includes a number of churches from several denominations. We actively partner with a local, private boarding high school, providing ministry and a sense of family to young teens and we hope to increase this partnership. 

Our congregation is aging and we know we must continue offering Christian support while expanding existing programs such as satellite communion services, as well as nursing home and hospital visits.  We sponsor a Girl Scout troop, offering facilities and meeting space and we hope to add a Boy Scout troop in the near future.  We have a vibrant Music Ministry program, staffed with excellent key people and anchored by an 1893 Woodbury and Harris tracker pipe organ.  We are a resource for community programs such as the nationally renowned Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra, area college choruses and theater troops–sharing God’s house with them.