Housing Needed for Ringers-on-the-Green

The Ringers-on-the-Green, a group of high school bell ringers from Morristown, NJ, will be with us on June 25th as the first stop on their annual summer tour.  We have offered to provide housing for the group, which includes 14 kids and 6 adults (3 guys, 3 women).  I have secured host families for 3 boys, all 3 women and 2 adult guys, but still need a few more houses for the director (allergic to cats), 2 pairs of boys, 2 pairs of girls (one with pet allergies), and a group of 3 girls.  The chancel choir will host and provide dinner for the visiting choir and the host families on Monday evening prior to the concert.  The host’s responsibilities would be beds, breakfast and getting them back to church on Tuesday morning.  If any of you would be willing to open your home, we would so appreciate it.  Please let me know by phone, text or e-mail, 447-0334, musicalpooch17@gmail.com.

And please spread the word!  I’ll get it out via e-mail, Facebook, and anything else I can think of, but there’s nothing like a personal invitation to bring people in.

Thank you!

Jean Hashagen