Year In A Kilt Thank You from Mark Henderson

A Year in the Kilt


Some years ago, April 6 was officially designated by Congress as an “Official Day of Observance” to recognize the Tartan as a symbol of American ties to Scotland.  Accordingly, April 6 became “National Tartan Day.”

The day was chosen because on that date, in 1320 A.D., Scotland ratified its resolve to be independent of England: The Declaration of Arbroath.  When our Founding Fathers wrote our Declaration in 1776 A.D., they incorporated many of the ideas and some of the wording from the original Scottish independence declaration.

On National Tartan Day 2016, I announced that I intended wear a kilt for a full year and that I would put a “Dollar a Day” into a jar for every day that I kept that promise.  I announced the money I was setting aside would go to our Preschool.

Well, I happy to announce that with your support and contributions, we did it!  But what I am especially proud of is that what started out as a plan for one person to raise money for our Preschool mushroomed into support beyond all expectations.  Donations came from members of our congregation but also  includes money from people of different races, different denominations, different religions and from four different countries.  In the end, 44 people made donations that were specifically marked as support for a “Year in a Kilt”

Meanwhile, this congregation and friends of this congregation continue to make donations, big and small, in support of our Preschool.  Those contributions already exceed 125% of what was donated last year!  I think this shows we, as a congregation, have matured our view of the role of our Preschool.  We no longer look at it as a business center, but rather as an instrument supporting our mission to bring Christ into our community.

To all who supported Year in a Kilt and to all who continue to support our Preschool: