The vision of the First Presbyterian Church of Waynesboro is to continue to be a community-minded congregation living out our love of Christ as we serve one another with humility, gentleness, and patience through God’s grace. We owe our Lord everything.  We look to Him for daily guidance and we trust Him to lead us into our future. We will continue on mission programs, begun when our congregation was larger.

Instead of saying, “We can’t do that,” we will continue to say “How can we do that?” and know the Lord will help us find a way. We will continue to be aware of our community and the needs of the people in it. As a congregation we have responded to those needs and we will continue to do so.  We have opened our building as a resource for community events, hoping to make people comfortable in God’s house.  Our congregation is actively involved in feeding the hungry, serving meals at Disciples’ Kitchen and taking dinners to local shelters.  We nourish our own members with Bread Breakers, which feeds not only bodies but also our spirits with fellowship and caring.

We embrace our heritage with an annual “Kirkin’o’th’Tartan” ceremony, opening our doors to others for mutual celebration.  The church provides scholarships for preschoolers who need financial aid. We have an active deacons program, giving special attention to older, homebound  members.  We will continue to be proud of our nurturing and support for each other and for our community.