For many years, First Presbyterian Church, Waynesboro, has supported children at the Gore Home in Ethiopia.  This home provides education, health, life skills, and faith skills to children who are without an adequate support system.    Historically, we have sent aid for two children, but in recent years the cost of supporting a child has surpassed our contributions.  In 2017, we have promised the amount of $1700 in May to cover what the Ethiopian Partnership Committee of the Shenandoah Presbytery has requested (although a bit less than the Ethiopian government would like).  Our children are:

Tirfe Idosa Beyene ic-0103, a young woman born 7/10/98 and now in ninth grade


Yohanis Bebe (or Abebe)  ic-137, a young man born in 2001 and also in ninth grade.

These people speak Oromiffa, the language of the Oroma peoples, the largest tribal group in Ethiopia.  If they wish to communicate, they do so verbally, not in writing.  Therefore, spelling is inconsistent just as long as pronunciation remains understandable.  The ic numbers have been added so that we are sure that we’ve got the right children.
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