opusr265_1 WOODBERRY & HARRIS ORGAN, OPUS 111, 1893

 Restored by THE ANDOVER ORGAN COMPANY, OPUS R-265, 1986

From Boston to Waynesboro – Woodberry and Harris, op. 111 (1893)

The Woodberry and Harris Organ Company of Boston, Massachusetts, existed between 1888 and 1893.  Its principal namesake, Jesse Woodberry, learned the trade with W. G. Vowles Organ Works in Briston, England.  He moved to the United States in the early 1880s and worked for the Hook and Hastings company in Boston.  Woodberry, his brother James, and James Cole started their own business in 1886.  Two years later, Woodberry and flue voicer Charles Harris formed the firm of Woodberry and Harris.  The firm espoused a relatively conservative approach to organ building in the late 19th century.  Characteristics of Woodberry and Harris organs possess beautiful individual sounds that combine to create a well-integrated ensemble.

Opus 111 was originally built in 1893 for St. John’s Roman Catholic Church in Providence, Rhode Island.  The instrument fell out of use sometime during the 1950s.  That it languished in obscurity was most fortunate for First Presbyterian Church, as it may have saved the organ from destruction or ill-conceived alterations to its original state.

A devastating fire in 1983 destroyed the Sanctuary of Waynesboro’s First Presbyterian Church.   Then-Director of Music, Dr. R. Edward Zimmerman, and co-organ committee chairs Helen Allen and J.L. Barksdale, were responsible for securing an organ to reside in the new chancel.  They met with the Executive Director of the Organ Historical Society, William T. Van Pelt, and the Director of the Organ Clearing House, Alan Laufman, to explore the acquisition of an historic organ no longer in use in its original location.  It was through the vision of these and other individuals that the church became aware of the availability of this magnificent instrument.

First Presbyterian Church contracted with the Andover Organ Company of Methuen, Massachusetts to re-locate the instrument to Waynesboro.  The Andover firm conscientiously removed the organ from St. John’s, restored and, in order to accomodate the demensions in the new sanctuary, somewhat reconfigured the instrument at their shop. The organ (concurrently Andover’s Opus R-265) was installed in First Presbyterian Church’s newly constructed Sanctuary in 1986.  With proper care and maintenance, Opus 111 can easily provide inspirational support to the worship experience for another 125 years.


Woodberry and Harris, op. 111 (1893)

Restored by Andover Organ Company op. R-265 (1986)

43 ranks 2315 pipes 


Great Organ

16′     Open Diapason       61 Pipes

8′       Open Diapason       61 Pipes

8′       Hohl Flute             61 Pipes

8′       Dulciana                61 Pipes

4′       Octave                   61 Pipes

4′       Flute d’Amour        61 Pipes

2 2/3′ Octave Quinte        61 Pipes

2′       Super Octave          61 Pipes

III      Mixture                 183 Pipes

II       Mixture                 122 Pipes

8′       Trumpet                61 Pipes

4′       Clarion                  61 Pipes

Swell Organ

16′     Bourdon Bass          12 Pipes

16′     Bourdon Treble      49 Pipes

8′       Violin Diapason     61 Pipes

8′       Stopped Diapason   61 Pipes

8′       Salicional               61 Pipes

8′       Dolcissimo             61 Pipes

4′       Flute Harmonique   61 Pipes

4′       Fugara                   61 Pipes

2′       Flautino                 61 Pipes

III      Dolce Cornet        183 Pipes

8′       Cornopean             61 Pipes

8′       Oboe & Bassoon     61 Pipes

8′       Vox Humana          61 Pipes


Choir Organ

8′       Geigen Principal     61 Pipes

8′       Melodia                 61 Pipes

8′       Quintadena            61 Pipes

4′       Violina                  61 Pipes

2′       Piccolo                  61 Pipes

8′       Clarinet                 61 Pipes

Pedal Organ

16′     Open Diapason       30 Pipes

16′     Bourdon                 30 Pipes

10 2/3′ Quinte                30 Pipes

8′       Violoncello            30 Pipes

4′       Super Octave          30 Pipes

16′     Trombone              30 Pipes


Swell to Great

Swell to Choir

Choir to Great Sub-coupler

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Choir to Pedal



Great to Pedal Reversible

Swell Expression Shoe

Great and Choir Combinations: Piano; Mezzo; Forte

Swell Combinations: Piano; Forte